Walking in Milan - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Hi all! I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately - moving and running errands all over the place. It’s been nuts. BUT! I’m back today with some great sounds from Milan, Italy! 

Submitted by Silvia Maggi, this lovely soundwalk around Milan’s city centre captures people chatting, and some music coming from the shops at Piazza San Babila. Silvia wrote a great little description to accompany it: 

"When I recorded this sound, I was walking around the center of the city while waiting for a couple of friends.  The atmosphere was relaxed: there were some tourists and people chatting after work. 

It’s the end of summer and for me it’s the end of a phase: I’ve lived eight years in Milan and now I’m about to relocate in London.

Maybe I’m already a tourist in my city.”

I love this! This description perfectly captures how I’ve felt in Toronto for the past few weeks. I would often just take walks and listen to the sounds around me and feel more and more like I was a visitor. Especially now when I go back, something’s different about it - I definitely feel like a bit of a tourist. Not necessarily a bad thing, though! 

Thank you so much for sharing your soundwalk with me, Silvia! I was very happy to listen to it. Good luck in your move to London!

You can follow Silvia on Twitter @lananab1anca

This active participation in your soundscape is exactly what I’m hoping this project has, and will inspire - getting out and listening to your environment, and then capturing sounds that you’re inspired to record, and sharing them with everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about the theoretical side of soundwalks and soundscapes, click the link to see some information. 

I hope to see more submissions from you guys soon. Keep ‘em coming! Especially now with a new season in the air - what does fall sound like in your city? Got any crunchy leaves falling? Frosh week at your local universities, maybe? Kids waiting for the bus? Keep your recorders handy, I’d love to hear from you!