Sounds of My City: Fellowship Project Round-Up

(This is a long post, so bear with me!)

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great day/week, and are looking forward to the long weekend (for those of you who have one)! I will be spending mine with family & friends, in Toronto and up north in Aurora (where my parents live). 

Today’s post will be a big different than normal, as my SoundCloud fellowship has come to and end. As such, I wanted to give a round-up of of the project - the sounds I found on my adventures & the sounds you shared with me from Toronto and abroad. I also wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who listened, supported, followed, shared and submitted to the project over these past few months. I’ve been so excited about the positive feedback I’ve received, and I’ve really enjoyed all the great submissions that have been sent my way. 

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone over at SoundCloud, especially the Community team - David, Marie, Natalie, Matt, Edward & Parker, you guys rock! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the SoundCloud Fellowship, and for all the support you’ve given me over these past few months. I hope to see you all when I arrive in Berlin in 2 weeks! 

Now, to the project! Since I am moving to Berlin, I wanted to get out an explore Toronto for the duration of the summer. I thought it would be really cool to use SoundCloud as a part of my documentation, so that’s exactly what I did. I had intended on visiting the major neighbourhoods in Toronto’s pre-amalgamation area, which I came pretty close to doing. Some notable exceptions from my adventures were Cabbagetown, Liberty Village, St. Lawrence Market, Chinatown & Kensington Market - some of these neighbourhoods I was unable to visit, and in some I just didn’t capture any sounds. But all in all, I covered a very respectable amount of ground by transit, foot and bike, and was able to attend a lot of the great events that went on throughout the summer. I had a blast, and I’ll miss Toronto a lot - it’s definitely a great city.

Click though the post to listen to my Sounds of My City set, featuring all the lovely Toronto+ sounds that I’ve posted to the blog. You can also click here to view/listen to them on my ThingLink embedded map. 

Sounds of My City by katieneeds

Luckily, kind friends and strangers also wanted to participate, and so I received a number of awesome submissions from Toronto & abroad! I knew from the start of the project that it had the potential to reach a global audience - every city has its own unique acoustic ecology, and everyone interprets this differently, so I really wanted to collaborate and encourage others to collect sounds from all over Toronto & the world. Click the links to hear most of them:

From Toronto; Michelle captured sounds from Old City Hall, Catherine captured sounds out her window on Queen St. E, Chantal captured Etobicoke at 2 am, Damien captured sounds from the Jays game, Megan captured sounds from a TFC game & sounds of getting out of the city, Alex shared sounds from Beaches Jazz Fest, Elliott shared sounds from Bathurst TTC station, Colman shared great vintage sounds from Eglinton Stn. in the 1980s, and Allegra shared sounds from the Distillery District

From abroad; Ian shared sounds from the London Overground, Bill shared sounds from a Century City parking lot, David shared sounds he created using a sample of a flute busker on the “N” Train in NYC using the BeatMaker 2 App, Alex shared sounds of a busker in Burlington, VT, Dimitri captured sounds from Tournai, Belgium, and Panzedrako shared sounds from a student march in Santiago, Chile

So, what next? I will continue to post sounds as they are submitted and as I capture them, but probably not as frequently as I have been. I would LOVE to keep the momentum going on this project, so I hope you’ll all keep me in mind and keep your recorders handy! If you capture any unique and notable sounds from your city, whether it’s in Toronto or abroad, I hope you think of me and remember to share them on the blog and on SoundCloud. 

Remember, you can always submit sounds to the blog HERE or to the SoundCloud group HERE

So, thank you all for listening, and for all the support, follows and submissions. I’ve had such a great time sharing my sounds & featuring yours, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading/listening to the blog! Have a fantastic weekend!

(If you read the whole thing, you rock!)