"Distant Dreaming" New York City Soundscapes - Composed by Jason Waters

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great day so far! I spent the morning at German class and the early afternoon hunting down a turkey (unsuccessfully) for Canadian Thanksgiving coming up. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one, so i’ll just have to make a kick-ass chicken! 

It’s SoundCloud Global Meetup Day today, and in honour of their theme - The Meaning of Sound, According to You - I thought I’d share a really fantastic submission composed by SoundCloud user Jason Waters that I’ve been holding on to, waiting for the right moment to feature it. He composed a beautiful 7 minute soundscape centred on the sounds of New York City, entitled “Distant Dreaming”. Jason explains,

As a metropolis filled with an array of culture, locations and music, New York City contains a rich palette of sounds. 

“Distant Dreaming” provides a “snapshot” of these rich sounds, contrasting the delicate, dreamy sounds of such locations like Staten Island and Washington Square Park to the rough, edgy sounds of the lower east side street corners (via: Canal Street), train/subway stations and construction sites.”

If this piece doesn’t fit in with the theme of today’s meet up, I don’t know what does. Such a wonderful mosaic of city sounds - I especially love the piano busker in the middle of the composition playing “If I Fell”. I really, really enjoyed this. 

Thank you so much for sharing this, Jason! 

So, sit back and enjoy this wonderful soundscape! It’s on the longer side, but I found it very relaxing to listen to - let’s call this today’s Moment of Zen? Good. 

Also! Sounds of My City was featured in a video made by Reuters about SoundCloud, released for their Global Meetup Day. Check it out HERE. 

I hope to hear more great submissions soon! Happy Meetup Day!