Music near Liberty Palace, London UK - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Happy Tuesday, all! I’m back to posting here after a nice long weekend exploring Berlin. Today I started my first German class, too, so I’m having a great day! 

This week I thought I’d share some of the great submissions I’ve received since my little break when I moved. There are a bunch of cool little city sounds that I’ve got lined up, so let’s begin! 

We’ve heard from Silvia before - HERE and HERE, and she’s just moved from Milan to London, England! A new city with a new soundscape, and I’m so glad she has decided to share a recording with us today! 

It’s the sound of buskers in London playing La Bamba! Silvia explains, 

I moved in London a week ago. 
This is my first recording after a busy week.

Curiously, I’ve recorded the same song in Berlin.

All is new, love this city.

Lovely! I’m so glad to hear you’re loving London, it’s such a great place! Fun fact: La Bamba has always been a favourite of mine. I have fond memories of my Dad playing it on guitar and singing along as a child. And a very funny home video documenting this, too. That’s one for the vault, though. 

And, for curiosity’s sake - here is the recording from Berlin (click though):

Lunch in Berlin by Silvia Maggi

Thanks so much for sharing, Silvia! It’s always a pleasure to hear your city recordings. 

Be sure to follow Silvia on Twitter @lananab1anca

So, tomorrow is SoundCloud Global Meetup Day! The theme is “the meaning of sound according to you”, and I’m really excited to attend the Meetup here in Berlin. Looking back on the Sounds of My City project, I think it has been a great outlet for me to explore and share what sound means to me & learn about what it means to some of you - to me, tuning into the sounds around me has allowed me to experience my acoustic environment & interact with my city in a really unique, and I think, more complete way. Sort of a short and vague answer, but it’s hard to communicate it succinctly - sound obviously means different things to everyone, but I think SoundCloud is a really great place for those of us who value & find beauty or interest in the sounds around them to capture, share and collaborate. Hence the Sounds of My City project! There we go, full circle & a bit of a rant… Anyways, I have a great Soundscape to share on the blog tomorrow, so I hope you’ll come back! 

Be sure to check out if there’s a SoundCloud Meetup in your city tomorrow!