A violinist in Milan - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well and had a great weekend/Monday. I thought I’d make one more little post before I depart tomorrow for Berlin, so I’ve chosen this lovely recording from Silvia Maggi (who’s soundwalk in Milan was featured last week). 

This short clip features a great violinist busking in Milan. As Silvia puts it, “After lunch on a fine sunny day: this music perfectly fits.”

I agree! Such a pleasant sound to come across, and from a North American perspective, the fact that you’re in Milan when you captured this makes it a lot more romantic to me. 

Thank you very much for sharing, Silvia! I hope to hear more of your great city sounds soon :)

Keep the submissions coming, folks! I’ll probably be taking a week or two to settle in Berlin, but I’ll definitely be keeping the blog going. And to my Toronto followers: I hope you continue to record and capture our great city! I’ll miss it a lot, so I’d love to receive some submissions from home while I’m away!