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Hi all! 

The Sounds of My City blog will be on a bit of a break while I work on a re-design of the layout and work out a few kinks, but in the meantime keep checking the SoundCloud group for new submissions! And, if you’ve captured any city sounds and soundscapes, please feel free to submit them to the group! I’ll be sharing new submissions on Twitter while the blog is being revamped. 

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Thanks for following & participating in the project. Keep your recorders handy!


Green Park Tube Jazz - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Hi all! I thought I’d post a couple of great submissions today from frequent collaborator, Silvia Maggi. She’s been recording some lovely soundscapes around London and has been submitting them to the Sounds of My City group, so I wanted to feature them for your listening pleasure! 

The first you’ll hear is a big city staple: transit buskers. Here we have a saxophone busker working his jazz chops in Green Park station. Silvia notes that it took place between the Jubilee and Picadilly line. 

The next sound I’m going to feature is another busker, this time found at Leicester Square tube station. Listen to what Silvia captured as she made her way through the tube station, past a busker “rocking” Coldplay’s Yellow. 

Yellow (heavy cover) by Silvia Maggi

I think this last one is really cool! Listen to the sounds of a sow nursing her piglets at the Surrey Docks City Farm in London. Oh, the things you’ll find on your adventures!

A sow nurses her pigs/Una scrofa allatta i suoi piccoli by Silvia Maggi

Thank you so much for all these great submissions, Silvia!!! I’ve really enjoyed hearing snapshots of your adventures through London! 

I have some great Berlin sounds that I’ll begin to feature next week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, though, keep your recorders handy and remember to share any city sounds or soundscapes to blog or the group on Soundcloud (especially if you’re attending any of the Occupy protests)! 

Sounds of an Italian Breakfast - Submitted by AnDy Bd

Hello all! After a brief, unplanned hiatus I am back this week with some great sounds from Berlin and beyond! It’s been lovely weather (albeit very cold) here in Germany for the past week, but I am not complaining! The sun has been shining and the lovely, crisp, fall air always makes me happy. 

Today I wanted to feature a few little soundscapes, all submitted to Sounds of My City by SoundCloud user AnDy Bd, who lives in Rome. The first sound is of an “Italian Breakfast” - I hear lots of chatting and dishes being collected. 

The next sound has been in my queue for a little while, and it’s a lovely soundscape of the Spanish Steps. AnDy explains, 

"Rome, people talking and the sound of footsteps on the Spanish steps on a sunny September afternoon"

Take a listen!

Walking on the Spanish step at Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti by AnDy Bd

And the last sound I’m going to share with you today is a city “classic” - the sounds of the metro during rush hour. AnDy explains, 

"On my way to work. Departures and arrivals in a crowded and hot underground in Rome"

Stop ‘n Go in the Metro by AnDy Bd

These are great soundscapes! I think the breakfast clip is my favourite - there’s something about the sound of people enjoying each other’s company (around food) that is very comforting to me! 

Thank you so much for sharing, AnDy! I have enjoyed listening to your submissions, and I hope to hear more of Rome!

…which reminds me! People of the world/followers of the project! If you’re in a city where any “Occupy” wherever (Wall St, Toronto, Berlin, Rome…it’s spreading like crazy!) protests are happening - please, record them and share with me! I’d love to hear these sounds and feature them on the blog! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a lovely Monday! I’ll be back here with new sounds to share in the next few days! 

Running Errands…

Hi all!

I’ve been taking a bit of an unplanned break from Sounds of My City due to a bunch of errands I have to run here in Berlin, but I have some great sounds to feature very soon! 

In the meantime, though, please check out this little wrap-up blog post about the Sounds of My City project over on the SoundCloud blog. 

I’ll be back soon! 

Sounds from the Berlin Philharmonic - Sunday, October 2nd

EDIT: This was written on Friday, but I was having trouble posting it - so just pretend it’s Friday. The sentiment still stands.

Hi all - sorry I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday! Busy day running errands and such. Best news of the week though, is that I am now a dual UK and Canadian citizen! Hooray! I am very excited about that, so I just wanted to share. 

Anyways, today’s sound is one of my favourite sounds that exist in life. Bold statement, I know, but it’s true. On Sunday I went with my boyfriend to the Berlin Philharmonic, where Zubin Mehta was conducting and they played Mahler’s 1st Symphony. It’s my favourite symphony ever written, so needless to say I was very excited and I couldn’t help but hit record when the orchestra was warming up for the piece. I just really wanted to capture it.

One of my most favourite moments is right before the conductor arrives and the orchestra is tuning. I think it’s one of the most beautiful sounds out there. Especially since I spent so many years playing orchestral music in various ensembles, this sound brings me to a very happy place. 

Here is a short video of Sir. Simon Rattle conducting the Berlin Philharmonic an excerpt from the 4th movement of Mahler’s 1st. God, it’s so good. 

Sharing this sound seemed like a good way to start the weekend because it only ever indicates the beginning of something wonderful (in my opinion). So, I hope you all enjoy your weekend. The Berlin Philharmonic does, too. Enjoy!

"Distant Dreaming" New York City Soundscapes - Composed by Jason Waters

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great day so far! I spent the morning at German class and the early afternoon hunting down a turkey (unsuccessfully) for Canadian Thanksgiving coming up. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one, so i’ll just have to make a kick-ass chicken! 

It’s SoundCloud Global Meetup Day today, and in honour of their theme - The Meaning of Sound, According to You - I thought I’d share a really fantastic submission composed by SoundCloud user Jason Waters that I’ve been holding on to, waiting for the right moment to feature it. He composed a beautiful 7 minute soundscape centred on the sounds of New York City, entitled “Distant Dreaming”. Jason explains,

As a metropolis filled with an array of culture, locations and music, New York City contains a rich palette of sounds. 

“Distant Dreaming” provides a “snapshot” of these rich sounds, contrasting the delicate, dreamy sounds of such locations like Staten Island and Washington Square Park to the rough, edgy sounds of the lower east side street corners (via: Canal Street), train/subway stations and construction sites.”

If this piece doesn’t fit in with the theme of today’s meet up, I don’t know what does. Such a wonderful mosaic of city sounds - I especially love the piano busker in the middle of the composition playing “If I Fell”. I really, really enjoyed this. 

Thank you so much for sharing this, Jason! 

So, sit back and enjoy this wonderful soundscape! It’s on the longer side, but I found it very relaxing to listen to - let’s call this today’s Moment of Zen? Good. 

Also! Sounds of My City was featured in a video made by Reuters about SoundCloud, released for their Global Meetup Day. Check it out HERE. 

I hope to hear more great submissions soon! Happy Meetup Day! 

Music near Liberty Palace, London UK - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Happy Tuesday, all! I’m back to posting here after a nice long weekend exploring Berlin. Today I started my first German class, too, so I’m having a great day! 

This week I thought I’d share some of the great submissions I’ve received since my little break when I moved. There are a bunch of cool little city sounds that I’ve got lined up, so let’s begin! 

We’ve heard from Silvia before - HERE and HERE, and she’s just moved from Milan to London, England! A new city with a new soundscape, and I’m so glad she has decided to share a recording with us today! 

It’s the sound of buskers in London playing La Bamba! Silvia explains, 

I moved in London a week ago. 
This is my first recording after a busy week.

Curiously, I’ve recorded the same song in Berlin.

All is new, love this city.

Lovely! I’m so glad to hear you’re loving London, it’s such a great place! Fun fact: La Bamba has always been a favourite of mine. I have fond memories of my Dad playing it on guitar and singing along as a child. And a very funny home video documenting this, too. That’s one for the vault, though. 

And, for curiosity’s sake - here is the recording from Berlin (click though):

Lunch in Berlin by Silvia Maggi

Thanks so much for sharing, Silvia! It’s always a pleasure to hear your city recordings. 

Be sure to follow Silvia on Twitter @lananab1anca

So, tomorrow is SoundCloud Global Meetup Day! The theme is “the meaning of sound according to you”, and I’m really excited to attend the Meetup here in Berlin. Looking back on the Sounds of My City project, I think it has been a great outlet for me to explore and share what sound means to me & learn about what it means to some of you - to me, tuning into the sounds around me has allowed me to experience my acoustic environment & interact with my city in a really unique, and I think, more complete way. Sort of a short and vague answer, but it’s hard to communicate it succinctly - sound obviously means different things to everyone, but I think SoundCloud is a really great place for those of us who value & find beauty or interest in the sounds around them to capture, share and collaborate. Hence the Sounds of My City project! There we go, full circle & a bit of a rant… Anyways, I have a great Soundscape to share on the blog tomorrow, so I hope you’ll come back! 

Be sure to check out if there’s a SoundCloud Meetup in your city tomorrow! 

Buskers in Paris (Ile St. Louis edition) - Thursday, Sept. 22nd

Happy Friday, all! I’m still amazed at the weather here in Berlin, it’s been incredible. T-shirt weather! Needless to say, the city has been very welcoming to me in my first “official” week as a Berliner. And Monday is a holiday, too! So there is lots to be happy about. 

Paris Busker Week comes to a close today and so I’ll start posting great submissions & other fun sounds I’ve collected on Monday or Tuesday. Today’s recording comes from the other side of Notre Dame cathedral just outside Berthillon, where I bought the best, most flavourful ice cream I’ve had in a LONG time (Cherry flavoured - so good I had to share a photo). 

Anyways, please enjoy the sounds of a very lively quartet whose music is sure to put a smile on your face. Not much more of a description is needed here. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for listening! Keep your submissions coming! 

Buskers in Paris, Ile de la Cite edition - Thursday, Sept. 22nd

Happy Wednesday, all! I hope your week has been great so far. It’s still nice and sunny in Berlin, so I’m taking advantage of the weather and exploring as much as I can. 

I have another fun recording of a busker, taken during my vacation last week. I found these guys playing on a corner right behind the Notre Dame cathedral (on my way to get the most delicious Berthillon ice cream…more about that on Friday). I don’t know what it is about Sousaphones, but they get me every time. I love them and have always wanted to play one. If only my high school had a marching band…

Anyways, enjoy this quick little clip - it’s quite pleasant! This dixieland-ish trio was a great addition to the soundscape of our walk around Ile de la Cite. Oh, Paris. 

Have a great day & keep your submissions coming - I love hearing them! I’ll start posting new submissions soon, once Paris Busker Week has come to a close. 

Buskers in Paris, St. Germain edition - Sunday, September 18th

Hello everyone! I’m back after a brief hiatus and a big move across the pond. I’m now settled nicely in Berlin, after a wonderful 4 days in Paris with my mum. Very, very happy to be here - the weather has been so great so far. A lovely welcome to my new city. 

The trip to Paris was obviously awesome, it’s such a pretty city. And very lively, too! And romantic…oh, I could go on and on with the adjectives. Anyways, I ate a lot and walked A LOT and recorded a bunch of fun sounds that I’d like to feature sporadically over the next week or so. After going through my archive of recordings, I noticed I have a lot of buskers (and there were lots of them). So, I think I’ll declare this week Buskers in Paris week on Sounds of My City. Cool? Cool. 

Today’s recording was taken in St. Germain, just next to the church bearing the same name. They were so fun, I just had to record them. The good stuff starts about 30 seconds in. Enjoy! And if you have any fun busker recordings, or come across any great ones this week - remember to share them with me

Remember: keep submitting your city sounds to the blog and the SoundCloud group! This blog will probably undergo a bit of a design edit in the next couple of weeks, but the main focus continues: let’s map the sounds of our great cities! Any city recordings you make during the day, on your adventures, during your commutes or outside your window - send them my way and I’ll feature them here! 

Happy Monday, everyone!